DNO commissions real time visualization solution from Epsis

Originally developed for Kern River, Epsis Real Time Assistant now deploys to Iraq.

Norwegian oil independent Det Norske Oljeselskap (DNO) International has commissioned Epsis (headquartered in Bergen, Norway) to deploy a 3D data co-visualization tool for use on its Tawke field in Iraq’s Kurdistan province. Epsis will be combining its Epsis Real-Time Assistant (ERA) Visual and ERA Connect applications to provide DNO’s technical staff with access to ‘all relevant information and field data.’ Epsis president Jan-Erik Nordtvedt said, ‘After years focusing on product development of the ERA platform for the US market, we now want to target Norwegian operators.’

ERA’s flagship deployment is as a component of Chevron’s Master Schedule View, part of Chevron’s ‘Minerva’ data infrastructure. ERA Connect pulls up applications such as Excel, PowerPoint, video and domain specific applications. The collaboration tool is used to add in a participant’s PC and share a workspace. Workflows and workspaces can call any application such as Google Earth or E&P specific applications. Virtual teams can be created across remote locations sharing all information on the screen and allowing for active participation. Chevron uses ERA to co-visualize real-time information on its Kern River field in California.

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