SPE—joint venture production reporting workflow workshop

Houston Digital Energy Conference to checkout semantic web/ontology for use case capture.

A half day workshop at the upcoming Society of Petroleum Engineers Digital Energy Conference (DEC) in Houston next month is to present a joint venture production reporting (JVPR) investigation sponsored by the SPE’s Real Time Optimization (RTO) technical interest group, the IT Technical Section and the University of Houston. The JVPR was initiated at last year’s DEC to develop a ‘workflow perspective’ on JV reporting and to develop a library of use cases and reference workflows.

The project also sets out to analyze the economic impact of the workflow and to evaluate the use of a ‘semantic web (ontology)’ to capture the workflow and use case. JVPR was selected as it offered a ‘quick win,’ particularly in the areas of invoice reconciliation and avoiding penalties due to reporting irregularities. JVPR workflows should also benefit from improving real time production data exchange between operators and their partners. Project member subject matter experts have documented a number of JVPR workflows in considerable detail. These are available on a project Wiki at http://jvpr.wikidot.com/table.

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