CygNet for Energy Transfer Partner’s Houston Pipeline

‘Non disruptive’ deployment provides single management console for whole network.

Energy Transfer Partners (ETP) is deploying a SCADA solution from CygNet solution on its Houston Pipeline asset. ETP SCADA manager Joe Schmid explained, ‘Our old system involved numerous servers, applications and interfaces for production and disaster recovery. Applications came from different vendors. Some were even written by Enron’s programmers! Using and managing the system was cumbersome and time-consuming. The new CygNet platform is far easier to manage and supports our aggressive growth and the massive amounts of data we need to manage. We now have a single management console for all three pipelines and the opportunity to use CygNet to improve business processes such as remote asset management.’

ETP completed its Houston Pipeline and another project in just 14 months in what is described as a ‘non disruptive’ deployment. ETP has over 17,000 miles of pipeline in service with another 750 miles under construction. CygNet provides a high-availability infrastructure for gas control, easy-to-use system tools, bulk data management, replication and validation and standard protocols for communicating with field devices.

CygNet CEO Chris Smith added, ‘CygNet provides the oil and gas industry with an advanced platform and a unified information ecosystem. Users see improved management of operational data and consolidation of information from every corner of the enterprise.’

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