SEG awards Tierra Geophysical SEAM modeling job

Society of Exploration Geophysicists unit awards advanced seismic modeling phase one project.

The Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG) Advanced Modeling (SEAM) Corporation has awarded Phase I of the SEAM simulation contract to Tierra Geophysical. The SEAM project (OITJ September 08) involves the computation of a full azimuth pre-stack synthetic seismic dataset generated from the SEAM’s sub-salt model. SEAM chair Arthur Cheng said, ‘This is the first of many planned simulations of challenging geophysical data sets. The simulation technology required is on the leading edge of what is possible today.’

Tierra CTO Christof Stork added, ‘Large-scale forward modeling can significantly reduce risk in exploration and development. Modeling can optimize acquisition, processing, and interpretation for subtle features.’

SEAM’s sub-salt investigations are of relevance to exploration hot spots such as the deepwater Gulf of Mexico, West Africa, offshore Brazil, the Red Sea and the Caspian. SEAM Corporation will make these datasets freely available to universities for research and education purposes and to industry in general after an initial two years of proprietary usage by the participating companies. SEAM Phase I project currently has 24 participating companies. SEAM is a wholly owned subsidiary of the SEG.

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