Petrobras reports extensive use of Isatis geostatistical toolset

Geovariances’ package supports lifecycle reservoir characterization workflow and 4D seismics.

Writing in the Geovariances’ client newsletter, Rita Parisi Conde Pozzi, a geologist working with Brazilian state oil company Petrobras, reports that Geovariances’s Isatis geostatistical package is used throughout Petrobras reservoir characterization workflow, especially by development geologists and geophysicists. Isatis is used from exploratory data analysis to time-to-depth conversion and facies or petrophysical modeling to the simulation of permeability for uncertainty analysis. Isatis is used to create quality net-to-gross maps based on depth converted seismic imagery. Lately, Isatis has also been used to incorporate 4D time lapse seismic data into the geological model.

Petrobras rates Isatis as an ‘extraordinary’ geostatistical educational tool. Over 100 Petrobras geoscientists and reservoir engineers have been trained on the tool in the last four years. A good example of Isatis as used by Petrobras is SPE paper 94913, ‘Using seismic attributes to estimate net thickness on the Marlim deep water oilfield, Campos basin.’ More from Patrick Magne,

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