Kadme’s Whereoil front end for Colombia NDR

Browser and crawler combo displaces custom DecisionPoint solution in national data repository.

Stavanger, Norway-based data management and software house Kadme reports on progress on a major contract with the ANH, the Hydrocarbon National Agency of Colombia for the development of a new front-end for ‘EPIS,’ the Colombian Petroleum Data Bank (epis.com.co). EPIS is operated by Schlumberger with data stored in Finder, SeisDB, LogDB and AssetDB. The current front-end is a customization of Schlumberger’s DecisionPoint.

Kadme’s ‘Whereoil’ solution has been selected by the ANH for the new EPIS front-end. Kadme will deploy Whereoil to provide a ‘modern, fast and easy-to-use’ system that will allow current operators and potential new investors to search and order E&P information available in the country.’ Data loaded by the EPIS operator into the various databases will be indexed via Whereoil’s crawlers and presented via the search and map interfaces. Whereoil understands entitlements and allows approved users to preview and download data. Kadme is also to provide its crawling/browsing technology to the ‘ArcticWeb’ joint industry project that sets out to provide a ‘geoportal’ for offshore Arctic areas. More on ArcticWeb in next month’s Oil IT Journal.

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