Seismic Ventures augments toolset with VisualVoxAt, 1DFM

Applications from SMT and Geomodeling offer AVO, DHI and ‘workflow-oriented’ visualization.

Stafford, TX-based seismic boutique Seismic Ventures Inc. (SVI) has selected technology from Seismic Micro Technology (SMT) and Geomodeling to support its processing, AVO and direct hydrocarbon detection effort. SVI is an early adopter of SMT’s Kingdom 1D Forward Modeling (1DFM) tool which will be used to model lithologic and reservoir fluid properties to show the effect on seismic traces and tie geology and seismic. 1DFM is said to offer easy to use AVO modeling and ‘fluid workshop’ capabilities.

SVI has also bought a license to VisualVoxAt from Geomodeling Technology. The ‘workflow-oriented’ application provides 3D visualization, calibration, interpretation and advanced analytical capabilities. SVI VP Hank Saunders said, ‘VisualVoxAt helps us identify those attributes that impact hydrocarbon distribution, reducing our customers’ decision-cycle time and improving well placement.’ More from

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