NuPhysicia offers telemedicine for offshore sites

‘InPlace’ Medical Solutions—digital diagnostics and two way videoconferencing for the oil field.

Houston-based NuPhysicia has announced ‘InPlace’ Medical Solutions, a new technology that brings doctor services to offshore and other remote locales. The telemedicine service lets patients see and talk to a physician guiding their examination while an onboard medic operates the digital diagnostic instruments. The real-time, two-way videoconferencing makes it possible to diagnose injuries and illnesses remotely, reducing the need for helicopter evacuations.

The onsite system comprises a digital stethoscope sending unit, a document video camera with fluorescent front lighting, and back lighting for radiographic films and x-rays and a multi-purpose otoscope, dermoscope and laryngoscope.

Privately held NuPhysicia markets solutions developed by the University of Texas Medical Branch. A NuPhysicia webcast this month showed a live video examination of a patient located on a rig offshore Malaysia.

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