Universal Well Services ‘UniSkid,’ a ‘plug and play’ CBM platform

Hardware, software and communications combo for coal bed methane well management.

Oklahoma City-based Universal Well Site Solutions (UWSS) has announced ‘UniSkid’, a ‘plug-and-play’ platform for coal bed methane (CBM) fields. UniSkid offers ‘instant’ CBM well-site hookup, with all equipment communicating immediately, reducing set-up time and ensuring reliable, real-time production and operational information. UniSkid components include remote monitoring, measurement, communications and metering.

Cathy Conner, UWSS chair and CEO said, ‘UniSkid was designed from more than a dozen years of field experiences, not in an engineer’s test area. We work with client engineers and field personnel to customize a product and assure a low cost alternative for installation, portability, communications and functionality.’

UniSkid customers can determine what additional well site equipment is required including separators, gas measurement, water measurement and communication devices. A programmable operator interface and flexible communications options offer remote data access. UniSkid is claimed to be a ‘profit-maximizing’ alternative to old well site trenching, integration and installation of equipment that previously required individual set-ups and costly, on-site project management.

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