Oil and gas RFID Group sets up field test center

52 acre ‘live-lab’ at Texas A&M targets at scale tests of radio frequency ID tags and applications.

The Oil & Gas RFID (OGR) Solution Group, a joint venture between Texas A&M Engineering and industry partners has outlined its 2009 plan for advancing radio frequency identification (RFID) technology. A 52 acre ‘live-lab’ facility has been opened on the Texas A&M campus for testing field equipment and applications in simulated oil, gas and petrochemical environments. Director and founder, Ben Zoghi of Texas A&M said, ‘Our objective is to develop a roadmap of RFID adoption that bridges industry standards, exposes pain points, and enables business optimization.’

The live-lab’s simulated environments include production facilities, storage tanks, rigs, pipelines and rail cars and allows for low-risk testing in a controlled environment. Zoghi added, ‘In 2009 we want to reach out to the end-user community, in exploration, drilling, production or refining and enhance their business with the systems that OGR and its partners have developed.’ One strategic initiative for 2009 is international expansion to the Middle East. OGR members include Motorola, Dow Chemical, BP, University of Houston, and EPC Global.

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