Shell goes for Industrial Defender cyber security solution

Shell deploys SCADA critical infrastructure protection across global production processes.

In his new year message to clients, Industrial Defender (ID) president and CEO Brian Ahern contrasted the economic downturn with growing cyber security risks and vulnerabilities. ID is part of a global ecosystem of critical infrastructure industry companies, government agencies and suppliers that is working to secure mission critical industrial control and SCADA systems against cyber attack. According to Ahern, 2008 was a year of ‘unprecedented growth’ for IT with notably the signing of Royal Dutch Shell.

According to Ted Angevaare, Shell global technology leader process automation, ‘Royal Dutch Shell has selected Industrial Defender as its global process control cyber security monitoring solution. Following a detailed evaluation, Shell concluded that the ID solution will mitigate cyber security threats to Shell’s production process and that the product is mature enough to be installed globally.’

ID is to hold its first cyber security users group next May in Boston. The company claims some 8,000 global deployments in securing critical infrastructure systems, over 3,000 mission critical SCADA deployments and some 100 process control/SCADA cyber security assessments. ID also provides managed security services for 160 process control plants in 21 countries.

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