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Energistics—national data repositories, PRODML and RESQML. API/PIDX surveys business practices.

Energistics has had a busy month with announcements covering national data repositories, ProdML and Rescue. The national data repository work group was set up, targeting regulators of upstream oil and natural gas activity and information management of seismic, drilling, production and reservoir data. The work group is to assist emerging nations in the collection, maintenance and delivery of quality oil and gas data. Work group chair Martin Peersmann of the Netherlands topographic base-map project LSV GBKN said, ‘After a decade of successful meetings around the world, we decided it was time to formalize this effort and make sure we communicated our data management standards message to all nations with hydrocarbon reserves.’ The NDR group is led by the UK, Norway and Netherlands. Other members are Australia, Canada, India, Kenya, New Zealand, South Africa and the United States. Schlumberger, Halliburton, RPS/Paras and Pennwell are also on board ‘to ensure that data quality and regulatory standards deployment meets the needs of all users.’ The next NDR meeting will be hosted by India’s Directorate General of Hydrocarbons (DGH) from 31 August to 3 September of 2009 in New Delhi.


Energistics’ PRODML special interest group has prepared a proposal to bring service company data acquisition into the scope of the standard. The team is soliciting interested parties from energy and service companies to join a new sub-team that will identify, prioritize, and describe requirements for the receipt of service company production-related data. The effort targets activities such as artificial lift design, PVT and gas analysis, flowing and static pressure surveys. The idea behind the initiative is to standardize on ProdML data recording at the point of origin of these data types, facilitating subsequent data flow through analytical, storage and reporting systems.


Energistics is also bringing the new RESQML standard for reservoir models into the fold as a special interest group (SIG). The RESCUE SIG will open up access to RESCUE making it freely available to industry. Membership is required to participate in development and definition of long-term direction of the standards.


The American Petroleum Institute’s e-business PIDX division is surveying members and non-members to evaluate global business practices. Companies are invited to complete the survey on before 31st March 2009. PIDX’ global business practices work group captures and publishes country-specific best practices and legal, fiscal information as country profiles.

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