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Total’s Houston Geophysical Research Group (HGRG) reports on deployment of an AMD Quad-Core/InfiniBand-based cluster supplied by Appro International. The Linux cluster provides ‘up to’ 1000 cores and a Lustre file system. Software includes a Pathscale compiler, CentOS, OFED, and MVAPICH. The system was temporarily housed off-site by Cyrus One during the upgrade. Algorithms developed at the HGRG are run ‘at scale’ on another 10,000 core machine in Total’s Parisian HQ.

Pemex has signed with Fugro-Jason for ongoing training in seismic inversion and reservoir characterization with Fugro-Jason products. The deal involves two five-month training sessions for 12 students.

BP Angola has awarded Halliburton ‘up to’ four contracts for a standardized development process of its deepwater Angolan fields. The deal, worth up to $600 million, includes completions equipment and downhole flow control.

Hess Corp. has commissioned San Francisco-based communications agency Organic Inc. to design and develop its new ‘public-facing’ website, Organic is also building an intranet site for Hess including the social media tools to allow Hess’ global workforce to share knowledge and collaborate virtually. ‘Digital billboards’ at Hess facilities will keep employees abreast of the latest happenings inside the company.

Midstream company Enogex has extended its contract with eSimulation for use of its eSimOptimizer application to optimize operations of five of its cryogenic gas plants. The contract represents a new business model for eSimOptimizer deployment. A ‘value capture program’ jointly developed by the companies means software usage can be tuned to operating conditions.

Chevron and ConocoPhillips have signed commercial agreements to use Ingrain’s digital rock physics technology and services. The companies will use Ingrain’s 3D imaging and computation to rock physical properties and fluid flows.

Gazprom Neft’ has signed a multi license agreement for Paradigm’s SKUA seismic interpretation and reservoir characterization software. The deal includes training and consulting services. Along with SKUA 2008, Gazprom Neft’ is to deploy SeisEarth, Geolog, Stratimagic and GoCad at its new St. Petersburg Reservoir Centre for Science and Engineering.

Petrobras’ engineers have selected VRcontext’s ‘Walkinside’ 3D virtual reality package for safety analysis, design reviews and asset life-cycle management at its offshore exploration and production business units. The software will be deployed through Petrobras’ ‘Proteus’ web-portal. Petrobras’ project automation manager Paulo Roberto Oliveira de Araujo said, ‘Bi directional links between Walkinside and applications such as Gexcon’s Flacs CFD simulator let us optimize evacuation routes and enhance personnel safety by simulating emergency situations.’

Petrobras has also chosen SPT Group to develop and install a real-time production monitoring and management system based on the EDPM and OLGA. The PMMS will be installed for the P-35 Marlim field to optimize the production and address key flow assurance challenges.

Baker Hughes has licensed Techsia’s Techlog Interactive Suite to support its worldwide geosciences services. Techlog will be incorporated into Baker Hughes’ service offering in support of directional drilling, formation evaluation and wireline.

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