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Intertek buys Wisco, GE joins ATP in deepwater production venture, El Paso signs with OFS Portal.

Quality and safety solutions provider Intertek Group has acquired the Wisco Group, specialist in third party inspection, expediting and coordination services for on and offshore facility construction and development. Wisco’s services span engineering, procurement, construction and maintenance phases. Wisco’s Incor database application supports inspection, order tracking and provides web based orders for clients. Wisco has 120 full time staff in the USA, Europe, the Middle East and Asia and over 600 freelance contractors. Wisco president Larry Wiseman said, ‘Becoming part of Intertek will bring new benefits to our valued client-base and staff. By combining our global resources, we will strengthen our services offering.’


El Paso Energy Service Company has signed an eCommerce agreement with OFS Portal. The agreement provides El Paso with the data protection required to do business with other OFS Portal members. OFS Portal leveraged the API’s Petroleum Industry Data Exchange (PIDX) standard for electronic business. El Paso owns North America’s largest interstate natural gas pipeline system, transporting approximately 25 percent of the natural gas consumed in the United States each day. Its E&P division ranks among the top 10 domestic independent natural gas producers.


GE’s Energy Financial Services unit is investing $150 million in a partnership with Houston-based ATP Oil & Gas Corp. The deal sees GE acquiring a 49% stake in a floating oil and gas production facility, a first for GE. The ATP Innovator facility processes 20,000 barrels of oil and 100 million cubic feet of natural gas per day. Paul Bulmahn, ATP chairman and CEO said, ‘Partnership with GE, especially in today’s troubled economic times, will ensure continued production of oil and natural gas and will allow ATP to maintain our development program. We depend on investors like GE, which has the financial strength, energy expertise and long-term vision necessary for an investment of this magnitude.’

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