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News from Aveva, Baker Hughes, Caprock, OPC, Deloitte, GCI, Geomodeling, Geoservices, GRL, HARC, Texas A&M, IDG Global, Ingrain, KBR, MicroSeismic and Microsoft. Apologies to Endeca, ITF.

Aveva has appointed Derek Middlemas as group operations director. Middlemas was previously head of business strategy.

Baker Hughes has named Martin Craighead senior VP and COO. Charlie Ransford is to head up Caprock Communications’ new regional office in Singapore. The company has also named Philip Harlow as CTO.

The OPC Training Institute has launched an online resource center focused on standards-based OPC technology used in process control and manufacturing automation.

Greg Aliff heads-up Deloitte’s new Center for Energy Solutions in Houston, home to its 500-strong team of energy professionals.

The Gas Certification Institute has named George Brown as Executive Director. Brown was previously with CenterPoint Energy.

Geomodeling Technology has appointed Kevin Donihoo as VP sales and services. Donihoo was previously with GX Technology.

Luc Durant is now supply chain director for Geoservices. Durant was previously global account manager with Expeditors International.

General Robotics Ltd. (GRL) has opened an ROV pilot support and assessment centre in Aberdeen. The center deploys GRL’s simulators and assessment metrics software to assess pilot performance.

The Houston Advanced Research Center (HARC) and Texas A&M University have teamed on an environmentally friendly drilling R&D program.

IDG Global has named Paul Hughes as oil and gas advisor. Hughes hails from Doral Energy. IDG provides counterfeiting, loss prevention and anti-theft solutions.

Guoping Li is to head up Ingrain’s latest ‘digital rock physics’ lab in Calgary.

Khaled Abu-Nasrah has been named senior VP of worldwide downstream sales and marketing for KBR.

MicroSeismic has promoted Malcolm Macaulay, VP International Sales, Peter Morton, manager data analysis and Leo Eisner as chief geophysicist. The company has also hired John Ughetta as VP US sales. Charles Stevens, Stephen Chelette, Mindy Manning and Don MacNeil also recently joined the company.

Ali Ferling, Microsoft ‘s MD for oil and gas is relocating the company’s worldwide oil and gas industry to Dubai, UAE.


In our December ‘Industry at Large’ piece we incorrectly attributed Lesley Stahl’s report on Saudi Aramco to CNN. This was in fact a CBS report as should have been clear to those who followed the link.


Regarding our report from the World Business Research Digital E&P Conference in last month’s issue, Endeca points out that ‘Devon is not an Endeca client. Jerome Beaudoin made it clear that Devon implemented its E&P Portal Solution internally. Endeca was presented as a new technology that appeared to offer an alternative to the custom coded application.’ Our apologies to Jerome Beaudoin, Devon and Endeca.


Folks at the Industry Technology Facilitator were understandably upset when we referred to them as the ‘Industry Task Force’ in our January ‘Folks, Facts’ section. In the same issue we also made multiple errors in our article ‘ITF reports successful 2008.’ We received the following corrections from ITF. ‘ITF is a not for profit organization therefore the phrase “ITF poneys up £9 million” is inaccurate. ITF facilitates technology development by securing funding from its members. Also, as a global organization, ITF’s remit and objectives go far beyond the UK. Finally, the RFP for solutions to enhance reservoir understanding and development was not an ITF call. It was made by the TSB [the Technology Strategy Board—not as we gaffed, the Trustee Savings Bank!]. ITF was merely supporting the TSB to promote their event to developers.’ Our abject apologies to ITF and the TSB!

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