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The Information Store (iStore) has released a new component of its PetroTrek/digital oilfield Web Parts toolkit, ‘Time Chart.’ Time Chart is a web-based visualization tool for Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 that connects to production, operational and safety data, allowing for ‘mashups’ of past and current well events. Time Chart ‘understands’ allocated production, down time, choke size, well head and annulus pressure and other ‘events.’ Web Parts allows developers to assemble charts and other PetroTrek components into their own web pages.

PetroTrek’s Web Parts utilize Microsoft’s Silverlight rich browser technology.

The 2009 release of Roxar’s Irap-RMS offers a new GUI, easier navigation for new and occasional users and a new local property model update. Real time well monitoring heralds a new vision of ‘model-based geosteering with WITSML based communications of bottom hole assembly data and logging. Real time alarms can flag proximity to other wells and geologic features such as faults.

Landmark has rebranded its ‘DeepStor’ storage solution as ‘PetroStor.’ The combination of Storwize’s hardware compression technology and NetApp’s disk-based storage is designed to replace tape-based solutions at under $1,000 per terabyte.

Petrosys has released a plug-in for ESRI’s ArcGIS that adds gridding, contouring and volumetric calculations. The plug in reduces the complexity of data exchange between technical and GIS systems providing integration with E&P data in OpenWorks, GeoFrame, Finder, SMT, PPDM and other data sources.

AMEC’s Paragon American oil and gas business unit now provides clients with ASD Global’s OptiPlant 3D modeling software for front-end engineering design and estimating. OptiPlant automates the production of 3D models of layouts of pipe and other plant or offshore equipment.

The 3.1.3 release of OpenSpirit’s interop framework introduces a ‘LoadIT’ WITSML data transfer utility. LoadIT connects any OpenSpirit-enabled data store to multiple real-time WITSML data sources.

eSimulation has announced V2.0 of eSimEvaluator, an application that enables midstream natural gas processing businesses to optimize margin positions. The new release improves model construction and maintenance, automates flowsheet construction and provides a contract model view of the ‘big picture’ of contract information, residue/NGL production data, producer payment obligations, and margins.

Geosoft’s 2008 release of Montaj and Target 7.0 now embeds ESRI’s ArcEngine technology, enhancing connectivity between Geosoft and ESRI environments.

V7.0 also adds subsurface displays including fence diagrams, 3D geological voxels and automatic creation of geological surfaces.

Geotrace has been granted a US patent for ‘technology related to the matching of synthetic data derived from well-log information and processes seismic data.’ The ‘Non-Linear Seismic Trace Matching to Well Logs’ was granted to Geotrace and programming geophysicist John Dubose.

P2 Energy Solutions has released Enterprise Land 3.0 including a new Lease Acquisition module for capture and reporting of lease, mineral and surface ownership information based on legal land descriptions. The new module provides ease and flexibility in leasing activity, budget tracking, costs and payment of drafts, integrating data gathered by brokers or land agents at the field level.

Paradigm ‘s 2009 releases of its Skua 3D modeling environment extends interpretation capabilities by linking the interpreter and modeler roles. ‘Interpretation Modeling’ (previously Prospect Architecture) adds integrated workflows between seismic and geologic interpretation and modeling. The new release also introduces Stratigraphic Interpretation Modeling, a new tool for concurrent interpretation, geochronological modeling and 3D paleo-restoration.

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