R5000 release adds parallel 3D seismic processing

Landmark’s new SeisSpace environment supports interpretative seismic processing.

Halliburton’s Landmark software arm has released SeisSpace R5000, the latest manifestation of its seismic imaging package. SeisSpace R5000 supports time and depth domain processing and QC of large seismic data volumes and is claimed to be an ‘open’ platform that supports proprietary technologies and ‘specialty’ processing services.

R5000 code can take advantage of the latest multi-core CPUs and storage devices to perform compute intensive tasks such as 3D noise suppression using a 3D FKK filter, spatial mix and FX-Y decon and a new surface-related multiple elimination tool. R5000 also targets the seismic interpreter with ‘collaborative’ workflows that assure closer cooperation between processors and the asset team. The software supports visualization of 3D, 4D, and ‘5D’ pre-stack volumes with a direct connection to Landmark’s OpenWorks project database. SeisSpace can be downloaded from Landmark’s Software Manager (LSM) along with release notes and an installation guide.

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