Malaysia-based companies sign on for ‘Software as a Service’

Hosted data solution IDS DataNet2 offers semi automated daily reporting from WITSML sources.

IDS has just announced the worldwide implementation of ‘DataNet2,’ its ‘next generation’ hosted reporting service for the upstream oil and gas industry. DataNet2’s suite of reporting and data management tools to minimize data entry effort and offer enhanced data visualization and analysis.

Early adopters of DataNet2 include three major Malaysian-based companies: Talisman, CHOC and Petrofac. DataNet2 offers the flexibility of a spreadsheet with global data delivery to any web browser. DataNet2 can also share data with any WITSML-compliant sources. In what is claimed as an industry first, daily drilling and geological reporting can leverage real-time WITSML data sources, saving valuable time at the rig site. The Malaysian early adopters are currently using a combination of IDS’ DrillNet, SafeNet, GeoNet and ProNet products, tailored to their reporting requirements.

IDS CTO Reuben Wee said, ‘We aim to eliminate many of the time-consuming elements of reporting and to make it easy to share and analyze data. The latest advances in WITSML and other data sharing technologies have enabled us to both reduce manual data entry and make the whole reporting process much more straightforward and intuitive. DataNet2 shows real savings in time, money and frustration with immediate effect.’ More from

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