GeoFields announces across the board APDM support

ESRI’s ArcGIS geodatabase now alternative to PODS and other industry data models.

Pipeline data management specialist GeoFields has announced support for the ESRI-backed ArcGIS Pipeline Data Model (APDM) across its product suite. Operators can now manage pipeline data in an independent APDM V4.0 geodatabase, leveraging native ArcSDE and ArcGIS functionality.

GeoFields executive VP Keith Chambless said, ‘Combining the functionality of our enterprise suite with the ESRI geodatabase will help operators manage their asset data, reduce costs and make regulatory requirements more manageable.’

The new enterprise suite for APDM extends GeoFields pipeline GIS technology. Geofields applications use ArcGIS 9.3 as the underlying core GIS technology and are compatible with SQL Server and Oracle databases. The APDM-compatible release complements GeoFields’ existing solutions designed for use with the Pipeline Open Data Standard (PODS) and other industry data models.

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