Virtual Geomatics for El Paso pipeline management

LiDAR software suite to support route corridor visualization and planning.

El Paso Corporation has chosen Virtual Geomatics’ VG4D Production Manager Suite of LiDAR software tools to manage the mapping of its pipeline network. VG4D supports LiDAR data management, filtering, visualization and contour generation for pipeline mapping. Pipeline corridor mapping frequently involves both major and minor changes to route planning. Often, an alternative alignment needs to be evaluated when the project is already underway and new mapping activities initiated in short order. VG4D gives geospatial analysts control over all elements of the LiDAR data evaluation and processing and helps avoid costly delays and compliance risks.

Matt Simmons, Senior GIS Technician at El Paso said, ‘With this technology in-house we can analyze our data in-house and come up with alternative routes for proposed pipeline projects. CG4D helps us stay on schedule without the need for third party evaluation.’ Virtual Geomatics demoed VG4D at ILMF 2009 in New Orleans this month. The new release provides cartographic quality contouring with full control over smoothing. A new ‘Boresight’ module provides high accuracy LiDAR calibration.

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