Software, hardware short takes

IHS, INT, Midland Valley, Petrosys, SeisWare, Tecplot RS, SmartSignal, Dexter Magnetic, Parallel.

IHS has announced GeoSyn, a seismic modeling tool for synthetic generation, AVO analysis and 2D impedance modeling.

INT has released INTViewer 4.0 now based on the Netbeans Java integrated development environment. INTViewer offers a cross platform API for plugin development, GIS functionality including support for ESRI shape files and EPSG projections and GoCad support.

Midland Valley is shipping Move 2010 with a new toolbox for 2D/3D/4D integration, enhanced workflows, a ‘MovePetrel’ link and integration with Google Maps in 4DMove.

Petrosys v16.7 sees the introduction of checkshot data for depth conversion, WMS image display and direct access to well data in Petrel, Petra and SeisWare.

SeisWare (formerly Zokero) has released SeisWare 7.1 with PETRA data import and export, a link to ESRI shapefiles or SDE layers time to depth conversion and custom coordinates. SeisWare’s interpretation package now includes crossplot, a 3D Visualizer and basemap generation. Tecplot RS 2010, cross platform reservoir engineering pre/post processor now offers speeded data loading, drag and drop file management, and multiple simulation comparison and management.

SmartSignal’s EPI Center 3.0 claims ‘game changer’ status in predictive diagnostics with technology to manage, control, and optimize industry maintenance and operations. EPI Center predicts impending equipment and process failures—adding advanced analysis, reporting, incident management and knowledge capture and recall. A web services PI allows integration with enterprise applications.

Dexter Magnetic has announced a downhole electricity generator that delivers 200 watts in ‘extreme’ HPHT conditions—up to 250 °C and 20,000 psi.

Parallel’s SatManage V claims a 5x performance improvement. SatManage integrates and automates the management of Network Operations Centers and is used by many of the world’s biggest Oil and Gas and maritime VSAT providers.

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