Open Geophysical—open source seismic processing

Startup’s OpenCPS offers open source based toolkit and API for JavaSeis-based processing.

Houston-based startup Open Geophysical is setting out to leverage open source software for seismic data processing. The company has installed alpha versions of its Bluefin Tools API and OpenCPS toolset at customer sites. Bluefin is an open-source processing engine and algorithm framework while OpenCPS is a commercially licensed product.

OpenCPS includes interactive processing, C++, Java, Fortran 90 APIs and 2D/3D visualization and job replication for parallel processing.

OpenCPS leverages ConocoPhillips’ JavaSeis (OITJ October 2007) open source seismic processing environment, adding interactive processing capabilities and data set navigation. A ‘spreadsheet-like’ view of processing job templates shows key variables and job and host computer status. More from

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