Knowledge Support Systems—fuel pricing ‘command & control’

New solution promises integration of fuel pricing process, from price decision to signage.

New Jersey-based Knowledge Support Systems (KSS) has just announced ‘Fuel Pricing Command & Control (FPCC), heralding the ‘integration of the fuels pricing process from price decision to price sign.’ FPCC gives retailers control and visibility over each stage of the retail process along with instant price change capabilities from the corporate office, store or remote mobile device. ‘Closed-loop’ integration provides feedback on successful signing changes and generates alerts when price change issues are encountered.

KSS president and COE Bob Stein said, ‘Fuel retailers are seeking ways to gain more control over their fuel margins by automating the setting and implementation of prices and quickly dealing with any issues that might impact volume, margin or brand image. KSS and its partners offer certified integration of our respective solutions, giving retailers the most responsive, consistent and error-free management of fuels prices from corporate office to price sign.’

KSS also announced a ‘preferred integration partner’ program with FutureMedia Displays, PWM Electronic Price Signs and SunShine Electronic Display Corp. These companies will integrate FPCC with their electronic price displays. More from

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