Shell rolls-out mobile workforce solution from Invensys

WonderWare IntelaTrac mobile solution supports Shell’s ‘Ensure Safe Production’ initiative.

Royal Dutch Shell’s Downstream Manufacturing Division is to deploy a mobile workforce solution from Invensys Operations Management as a component of its Ensure Safe Production (ESP) initiative at 29 of its global manufacturing facilities. Shell has signed a multi-year partnership agreement with Invensys covering the ‘Wonderware IntelaTrac’ mobile workforce and decision-support solution. IntelaTrac will provide downstream operations with configurable software and rugged, intrinsically-safe mobile hardware to manage equipment-surveillance process and regulatory compliance tasks. Field operators will be able to optimize work processes, resulting in improved asset reliability and availability and reduced overall maintenance costs.

IntellaTrac lets operators, field engineers and supervisors create, define and execute equipment surveillance and procedures following best practices, corporate policies and regulatory mandates. When executing in-the-field procedures, operators are made aware of potential equipment issues in real time via their mobile devices. More from

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