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Amalto’s OnGeT free client translates Excel to PIDX and offers peer to peer e-business transactions and trading hub connectivity.

Amalto Technologies has announced ‘OnGet,’ a ‘free’ business to business (B2B) e-commerce platform for oil and gas operators and suppliers. OnGet supports the secure exchange of business documents such as invoices, purchase orders and field tickets.

Users can download the client software from and be doing e-business ‘within minutes.’ OnGet digitally signs and encrypts all transactions and attached documents. The system also translates Excel-formatted documents to PIDX-formatted invoices.

Business can be conducted either on a peer to peer basis between trading partners using OnGet clients. Alternatively, OnGet can connect to trading hubs or directly to large organizations’ IT systems. This combined model provides full interoperability between trading partners regardless of their size.

OnGet technology was originally developed by Amalto to connect Chevron and GE Oil & Gas to their supplier networks. The Amalto-sponsored LinkedIn Oil & Gas e-Transaction Forum recently passed the 10,000 member mark. More from

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