OpenSpirit User Meet, Ocean-Petrel app adapter unveiled

OpenSpirit’s connectivity ecosystem grows as applications extend to quality, taxonomy and more

In the last year OpenSpirit (OSP) has released WITSML 2009 support, a new devkit (with sample code for C++, .Net, and Java) and an ‘application adapter’ toolkit. There is a new SEGY viewer for OSP Web Server 2008. The OSP ‘ecosystem’ is growing—with some 15 new partners joining in 2009.

CTO Clay Harter introduced the Ocean-Petrel application adapter (OPAA). The previous OSP/Petrel plugin was embedded in Petrel and supported by Schlumberger. The new version will be a ‘true’ Ocean-based application adapter supported by OSP. An XML file controls what to use for data matching, and the plugin creates extended attributes from external data sources, along with an audit trail for tracking changes.

OSP partner manager Brian Boulmay highlighted application adapters for SMT’s Kingdom Suite and IHS’ Petra. The PPDM datastore connector now underpins workflows involving Neuralog, Fugro/Trango, Geolog and Petrosys. ESRI is to build an application adapter for ArcGIS Explorer 900. Petris, DataVera and SAS’ DataFlux unit are building OSP connectors to access more data stores for quality assurance workflows. Other newcomers included the Orchestra ontology engine from PointCross, ISS’ ‘BabelFish’ dashboard for real-time production data, Fusion for pre-stack seismic data, Roxar and Recon. All in all an impressive array of potential connections. Harter wound-up his presentation with a pet project—an impressive ‘mashing-up’ of maps, logs and seismic served from OSP web services. The finished screen looked much like a Millennial GEN-Y desktop!

Jess Kozman from CLTech Consulting reported that mid continent shale players are turning to PPDM as a back end data store, both for third party applications and for newly implemented data management solutions. Kozman expects this trend to continue and sees OSP connectivity as vital to these companies as their data requirements grow through mergers and acquisitions.

Lynn Babec demoed the new WITSML interface, which can take data change events from a WITSML server and update an OSP-enabled application. The tool supports WITSML 1.3.1 and has been tested in the Gulf of Mexico.

Gimmal Group’s Lisa Derentahl presented a Chevron case study using OSP to ‘harvest’ G&G data repositories. Gimmal provides search results based on fixed taxonomies and spatial metadata, faceted by type and source, and displayed in a tag cloud.

Clay Harter wound up the proceedings, demonstrating OSP REST web services with some examples of real world searches, highlighting implementations from Eni and Chevron. He also showed solutions from Idea Integration, for embedding ESRI mapping technology in SharePoint and from InfoSys, for an IM intranet portal and the ISS/Babelfish real-time data visualization application.

Looking forward, Harter unveiled some new features in the upcoming 3.2 release. These include data connectors for EPOS 3 and OpenWorks 2003.12, a Kingdom 64-bit connector, GeoFrame 4.5 support, Petra 3.2 support, Application Adapter Toolkit Updates, and API Enhancements to events, sessions and security.

2010 will see new OSP tools including an ArcGIS Extension and updates to the scan utility, copy manager, job scheduler and new ‘Desktop’ plug-ins. The OpenSpirit Framework Release 3.3 will include new style data connectors for OW R5000, GF 4.5 and Seabed, an EPOS 4 data connector and a read/write connector for PPDM. More from

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