Kelman rolls-out ‘i-Glass’ data management solution at SEG

‘Next generation’ seismic data management leverages PPDM 3.8 and IBM Tivoli storage.

Kelman Technologies unveiled its ‘next generation’ seismic data management toolkit at the Houston SEG. iGlass offers a table and map interface and can be hosted by Kelman from its Houston and Calgary locations. iGlass is built on PPDM 3.8, Oracle SDO, and ESRI ArcSDE products. IBM Tivoli storage solution is currently supported but Kelman plans to de-couple iGlass from vendor-specific storage.

iGlass stores and manages geophysical data types, including seismic, LIDAR, VSP, micro-seismic and gravity. An iGlass Editor is currently under test. The system supports spatial and text-based search, tape header visualization and work order management. The latter enables FTP-based movement of SEGY files to clients’ sites. Detailed 3D and 2D survey/line information is available for editing. A ‘wizard’ helps users check for duplicate data sets. Role-based audit trails track editing activity and create aliases for lines where critical information has changed. ‘Interest sets’ can be created for ownership with enhanced performance over native PPDM. A future release will include the INT seismic trace viewer for online QC. Connectivity is provided to Fugro’s Trango system and AutoDesk’s mapping tools. Blue Marble is embedded to provide CRS management and conversion. More from

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