New iStore white paper on digital oilfield

The Information Store describes its PetroTrek solution and its ‘PSL’ E&P scripting language.

The Information Store (iStore) has just published a white paper1 outlining the information challenge of the digital oilfield (DO) along with updated information about its PetroTrek solution. iStore advocates a ‘federated master data approach’ where data remains in place to be retrieved for decision support. PetroTrek was used by ‘one of the world’s largest integrated oil companies’ to track production from a data set of over three million wells in the continental US—feeding composite data from Oracle and other data sources to the major’s hundreds of joint venture partners.

iStore has developed the PetroTrek Scripting Language (PSL), a fourth–generation programming language specifically developed for petroleum enterprise data management. PSL, a proprietary language, was developed ‘to overcome the limitations and complexities of 3GLs like TCL, PHP and PERL for E&P solution development.’ PSL comes with a desktop IDE2 for testing and deployment. The platform-independent solution currently supports UNIX, .NET, SharePoint, Microsoft Surface and Windows Azure solutions and provides data connections to mashup E&P data sets and drive visualization components, such as Silverlight charts, log displays, seismic viewers, and Bing maps. PSL is available to 3rd party developers. More from

1—A free download from

2—Integrated development environment.

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