Oil IT Journal Interview—Chris Usher, Halliburton

Landmark’s software and services director outlines Shell’s R5000 roll out.

Halliburton’s Landmark unit reports on Shell’s global roll-out of its OpenWorks R5000 release. We caught up with Landmark’s senior software and services director Chris Usher at the Houston SEG.

What is involved in the Shell deployment?

Shell has deployed our DecisionSpace integration environment and the R5000 data tier. The deal also involved migration to the new OpenWorks R5000 data model and the global roll-out. The system has now been running live for three months, has reduced data duplication. Shell is also leveraging the new single project model*. This has eased workflow development and allowed Shell to port its own applications to the new environment.

What are these application?

Shell’s proprietary interpretation systems.

This is mostly a data management deal..

Yes. It involves enterprise data management across OpenWorks (OW) and the Engineering Data Model (EDM)—now both in the R5000 release. Shell also has the dev kit. Oh, and Shell’s real time operating centers are managed by Landmark so we can provide enhanced data support to drilling.

What does Shell’s workflow entail?

Daily project data from OW/EDM is captured to the Petrobank CDS**. Data in the CDS can also be pushed back into applications such as SeisWorks. The new environment supports the ‘classic’ apps and Shell’s taxonomy is embedded in the new system. The CDS acts like a ‘public’ PetroBank—but behind the firewall.

Does Shell deploy a ‘project world,’ a Google Earth for seismic?

This could be done with the new, on-the-fly cartographic transformations. But this is not how Shell does it. They do work with one very large Gulf of Mexico Project. GeoProbe is also connected to ION’s large trans-Atlantic ‘Span’ data sets.

Does Shell co-develop and productize stuff like Statoil?

Yes, the CDS was a funded development.

* See our ECIM report (OITJ October 2009).

** Corporate data store.

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