Kiersted Systems describes oil and gas e-discovery

IQPC Conference hears how dynamic case assessment and rapid review optimize litigation strategy.

Kiersted Systems (KS) presented its File Review technology and Early Case assessment system at the IQPC e-Discovery in the Energy Industry conference in Houston this month. KS VP Linda Gordon noted that, ‘There is great interest in the energy sector in litigation trends and the constraints faced by electronic discovery teams. Data volumes and tight timeframes are challenging.’

KS’ Dynamic Case Assessment identifies data collection issues early in a project, provides quick-look early case assessment throughout the e-discovery process and supports strategy changes as new factors come to light. DCA provides graphical representations of logical groupings of information letting operators decide whether and how to respond to pre-litigation demands, and once litigation has begun, whether to attempt early resolution.

A companion tool, K4 Rapid Review improves the speed and accuracy of the expensive review phase with an enhanced native file-format-based workflow. KS clients include Exxon-Mobil and Shell Oil. More from

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