CygNet announces SCADA for pipelines

‘First’ packaged solution for pipeline sees rapid roll-out at Atlas Pipeline.

CygNet has extended its SCADA software support offering with CygNet for Pipeline (C4P). C4P is claimed to be the ‘first packaged vertical solution for pipeline operators.’ C4P includes implementation templates, native device connectors and applications for standardized gas operations. Darin Molone, SCADA manager, Atlas Pipeline said, ‘With CygNet, Atlas was up and running with a new enterprise SCADA solution in about three weeks. Now I can tune the system myself as often as I want, usually without IT involvement.’

CygNet VP Steve Robb added, ‘Pipeline operators have been forced to patch together information from different vendors, hindering their efficiency and responsiveness. C4P gives them a standardized way to deliver a rich information landscape and eliminate the risks associated with one-off, ‘big bang’ software projects.’

Robb told Oil IT Journal, ‘C4P extends the user base of our Enterprise Operations Platform to gas pipeline operators. The solution offers out of the box connectivity to SCADA devices and minimizes the customization involved. EOP provides unified data management with a specific schema for gas pipelines and a gateway to leading enterprise service buses including TIBCO, BEA and Oracle. We have also been working with PODS and the University of Houston to leverage their data standards.’ More from

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