Invensys InFusion SCADA 2.0

Upgraded software enables enterprise systems configurability. New RTU targets oil and gas.

Invensys’ Operations Management (IOM) division has announced InFusion SCADA 2.0 (IFS2), a hardware and software offering for oil and gas and other process industries. IFS2 distills Invensys’ 40 plus years of SCADA heritage and includes advanced integration, interface and control technology capabilities.

IOM SCADA products manager Chris Smith said, ‘Robust, reliable monitoring of remote operations can mean reduced downtime, efficient maintenance and improved security. The new SCADA software and remote terminal units (RTU) deliver monitoring, supervision and maintainability, along with simplified interaction and management.’

IFS2 software components enable SCADA developers to create reusable objects and templates and to manage HMI displays, assure data quality and equipment maintenance tags. Engineers can use repository objects to build new applications, enforcing company standards.

A new SCD2200 RTU targets complex applications requiring central stations and redundancy, such as upstream oil and gas well monitoring, wet gas, oil and gas transportation facilities and pipelines and high-level well control. The new system will be available in January 2010. More on Invensys in oil and gas in next month’s Oil IT Journal and from

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