Deloitte ratifies Aveva Net deployment on Woodside Angel

Post implementation review shows efficiency gains, savings in engineering document management.

A post implementation report by Deloitte Australia on the deployment of Aveva Net on Woodside’s Angel platform provides an enthusiastic endorsement of the toolset. Angel, Woodside’s first unmanned platform, was commissioned in 2005. Today, there are over 2,000 Aveva Net users in the company. The toolset supports operations and maintenance, engineering design, training and in-field investigations and verification. Aveva Net acts as a portal for engineering information held in systems such as SAP, 3D CAD and intelligent P&ID systems.

Before Aveva, Woodside had over 250 ‘disparate’ applications and information sources. Now these have been trimmed down to 18 with a significant reduction in licensing fees, maintenance, training and support. Woodside’s Aveva Net deployment is known as the Asset Lifecycle Information System (ALIS) and is part of an established methodology that spans construction and handover. ALIS saved Woodside over $1.5m in handover costs on Angel alone. Read the full Deloitte report on

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