2009 Oracle OpenWorld, Orlando

PPDM, Energistics and the RFID Consortium strut their stuff at Digital Oilfield session.

Oracle’s ‘Digital Oil Field’ heard from a triad of upstream standards bodies. PPDM CEO Trudy Curtis proposed a standards ‘time line’—beginning with ‘individual’ standards circa 1980 to ‘corporate’ in 2009. The dream of industry level standardization has yet to be realized—and ‘global’ standards are even further in the future. Concerning PPDM’s own current activity, Curtis highlighted the ‘What is a Well’ initiative and the ubiquitous PPDM 3.8 data model standard.

Energistics’ VP Business Development Jerry Hubbard enumerated the standards bodies flagship ‘ML’ standards, ProdML, WitsML and the emerging ResqML reservoir modeling protocol. Hubbard also proposed a division of labors on the development of geophysical standards with the Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG) covering acquisition and processing and Energistics taking over on exchange standards for processed and interpreted data.

Ben Zoghi, Director of the Texas A&M-based RFID Consortium, listed a bewildering number of ‘supported’ standards impacting RFID including EPC-UHF, Energistics, DASH7 and ISO. Current RFIDC members include Dow and BP but Zoghi expects more majors to join in 2010. The RFIDC has a ‘live lab’ at the Brayton Fire Training Field, College Station, Texas—also know as ‘Disaster City.’ More from www.oilit.com/links/0911_9.

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