Tetra Technologies deploys Merrick’s ‘Diamond’ RFID tags

Ruggedized tags support inventory management in face of adverse field conditions.

Oil and gas chemicals specialist Tetra Technologies is to deploy Merrick System’s ‘Diamond’ RFID tags to track its inventory during offshore operations. Tetra’s EPIC Divers & Marine and EOT business will use the tags to track equipment used in oil rig decommissioning and rework. Tags are used on a wide array of surface equipment including compressors, heavy tools, equipment skids, pressure chambers and containers. Tags are used in conjunction with a wireless handheld RFID scanning device to update a central equipment database.

Tetra project manager Kris Howard said, ‘In testing and evaluating different RFID tags for use in our field operations, Merrick’s was the only one that held up to the adverse field conditions and rework process that our equipment is exposed to. Our testing included vibration, sandblasting, painting and exposing the tags to subsea pressures. We also covered the tags with layers of tape and even cement to test the impact on scanning distance and were pleased to see that the Diamond tag performed satisfactorily under all conditions.’

Merrick Systems CEO Kemal Farid added, ‘Our low frequency passive tags has been gaining acceptance as drilling operators and equipment manufacturers use them to track high-value and high-maintenance downhole and surface components both onshore and offshore. Tracking asset location, use history, inspection and maintenance using the Diamond Tags helps companies to significantly save operational time and materials, and manage their assets effectively.’ More from www.merricksystems.com.

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