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Exprodat, INT, NextComputing, SharpReflections, Corworex, Fluor Corp., Epsis, New Century, TerraSpark, Invensys, ISS, PAS, Peloton, Caesar Systems, Q Associates, Green Platform, Troika.

Exprodat has released V200 of Team-GIS Acreage Analyst with augmented workflow capability, improved analytics and reduced data preparation requirements. A new ArcGIS Desktop tool, Team-GIS Directory provides ‘consistent, structured and intuitive access to spatial data’ and added functionality for ArcMap users. Finally, Team-GIS Segment Analyst provides a toolkit for building common risk segment maps for use in exploration play fairway analysis.

INT has released GeoToolkit 4.1, providing new graphics capabilities needed to developers of upstream oil and gas. The C++ library supports for seismic, contour and well displays, scaled display and hardcopy. GeoToolkit provides cross-platform portability via Trolltech’s Qt.

NextComputing has teamed with Sharp Reflections (an EnVision/Fraunhofer ITWM joint venture) to deliver a hardware and software combo tuned for Fraunhofer’s Pre-Stack Pro software.

Acorn Energy unit Coreworx has teamed with Fluor Corp on an upgrade to its IMpart interface management software. The new solution targets nuclear and offshore oil and gas ‘mega projects.’

Epsis’ ‘TeamBox’ is delivered as a Windows PC pre-loaded with all hardware and software required for an instant collaboration room. The ‘plug-and-play’ package connects with existing equipment such as videoconferencing systems and laptops or PCs, adding functionality for display management and collaboration with remote users.

New Century Software has launched Facility Manager WebEdit, a lightweight pipeline GIS database editing tool. Built on the ESRI ArcGIS Server platform, the application combines web mapping functionality with pipeline data maintenance features.

Fusion Petroleum Technologies has announced the official release of its GeoPRO seismic processing and analysis system which includes Fusion’s proprietary ‘Cimarron’ statics technology.

TerraSpark Geosciences has launched InsightEarth WellPath, a well planning and geosteering solution. The company has also released an API to Insight Earth.

Invensys Operations Management has rolled out Wonderware Intelligence 1.0 a toolset for real time operational data collection. The system connects historian and operational data sources to dashboards such as Microsoft SharePoint, mySAP Enterprise Portal and Wonderware Information Server.

ISS has released BabelFish Sentinal Version 1.7 with a new ‘token based’ pricing model that supports a ‘cost efficient’ entry level monitoring. The system received an enthusiastic endorsement from an unnamed senior process engineer at BP’s Australian Kwinana refinery.

PAS has unveiled a new ‘Integrity Disaster Recovery’ solution to accelerate the restart of processing plants following a disaster. The services and software combo provide a centralized recovery mechanism for all automation systems, including legacy systems that are not supported by standard IT tools.

Peloton has announced WellView 9.0 with enhanced schematics, Excel templates for pivot tables and graphs and a ‘time tracks’ for date and time based data.

PetroVR 7.3 from Caesar Systems sees new resource tracking functionality with ‘operational resource requirements’ describing resource usage in terms of the lifecycle of production and injection wells and facilities. Resource usage tracking has been enhanced to include capital and operating expenses and reallocation of durable resources.

A study by Q Associates on anti-vibration technology under development by startup Green Platform strongly endorses Green’s anti-vibration disk enclosures. Random write performance improvement was up by from 34% to a ‘startling’ 88%

Troika’s Magma 4.0 seismic data management includes ‘Marlin’ a spider that locates TIF, SEG-D, RODE and other formats. ‘Sequin’ reads any trace sequential or multiplexed format for loading to Magma.

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