Schlumberger, Chevron roll-out Intersect

A future release of the ‘next generation’ reservoir simulator to include Ocean API.

Chevron and Schlumberger released their ‘next generation’ ‘Intersect’ reservoir fluid flow simulation package at the SPE ATCE this month. Intersect targets the simulation of large complex, heterogeneous reservoirs and results from a joint R&D effort that started in 2000. Intersect is capable of simulating tens of millions of cells across complex geology and well paths. Intersect supports field management and can handle thousands of wells in mature fields. The package simulates ‘all fluid types and recovery processes.’

Intersect will be released progressively to early adopters whose experience will be used to further enhance the product for general release. Future releases of Intersect will include development tools for ‘Ocean,’ Schlumberger’s proprietary development environment. Schlumberger will continue to develop and support its Eclipse reservoir simulator. Both simulators use Petrel Reservoir Engineering as a front end to simulation, integrating the static and dynamic modeling process. Intersect leverages parallel computing and unstructured gridding and has been tested on tough targets like Chevron’s Tengiz field, Kazakhstan, where Intersect was used to produce hundreds of detailed development scenarios for the field. A few years back (OITJ Sept. 2005), Total was involved in the project whose intent at the time was to migrate Eclipse to Intersect and a ‘scalable, non-proprietary’ cluster system. More from

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