Venture Production reports successful HSE deployment

eVision’s Permit Vision was tuned to North Sea operator’s requirements.

eVision reports on successful deployment of its Permit Vision application by Venture Production Nederland BV. Venture decided to upgrade its Permit to Work system to address issues such as isolation management and task risk assessment. Venture engaged eVision to design a new workplace safety process leveraging its web based Permit to Work system. Permit to Work groups isolation management and risk assessment into a single system that is claimed to create greater operational effectiveness and awareness. The new system detects conflicting situations at permit planning and creation time, reducing risk and increasing productivity. The tool leverages the DeltaLinqs and NOGEPA standard as used by all operators on the Dutch North Sea. The package was configured to meet Venture’s requirements, capturing local installation knowledge and best practices.

Permit Vision is designed ‘with the end user in mind,’ making the system easy to use, resulting in instant user acceptance and success. Venture HSE Manager Ron Pijtak said, ‘Permit Vision has been a tremendous success. Operational management has a good overview of work being carried out and offshore personnel accepted the system as if it were their own.’ More from

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