East Resources deploys NEC SAN Storage for E&P

iSCSI D3i storage area network cuts server count from 19 to 4.

Pennsylvania-based East Resources has deployed a storage area network (SAN) from NEC Corp. of America. East is using NEC’s iSCSI D3i SAN to virtualize its data center. East runs Oracle, SQL Server, mapping tools, billing systems and the Munsys Autocad extender. Data volumes were doubling every year and the existing Dell PowerVault devices ran out of space. East CIO Jason McNutt said, ‘We had to buy more and more servers, which led to more management overhead. Eventually we were operating fifteen different devices, maintenance was time-consuming, and running out of storage capacity was not an option!’

NEC reseller StoreHouse Technologies introduced East to the NEC D-Series. McNutt said the NEC system is fast, moving 1.5 GB of data in 8 seconds from the local drive to the SAN. Server ‘sprawl’ and growth has stopped and management time has also been greatly reduced. The IT team now supports 160 users and 30 servers (many of which virtual) across multiple locations. East Resources has gone from 19 separate servers in the datacenter to a virtualized environment of four. More from www.necam.com/storage/d3i.cfm.

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