Excalibur oil and gas ERP package available as hosted service

P2 Energy Solutions’ accounting, revenue, land and production accounting offering now online.

P2 Energy Solutions has announced Excalibur Online, a hosted version of its subscription-based, accounting, revenue, land and production accounting solution for oil and gas. Excalibur Online is an integrated application that manages financial accounting, revenue processing, cost accounting, joint interest billing, authorization for expenditure and reporting.

P2 Energy Solutions CTO David Verdun said, ‘The Excalibur Online subscription-based model is extremely cost effective and is ideally suited to the cyclical nature of the energy industry. Costs are transparent, predictable and controllable by scaling the number of users up or down as needed. Clients benefit from our industry best practices, IT knowledge and deep resource pool, as well as our centralized SAS 70 compliant data center. This provides clients with the assurance that they have implemented the highest levels of security, system uptime and risk and disaster management through backups and disaster recovery services.’

John Brown, IT Lead for Business Applications at Northwestern Energy added, ‘We have been using Excalibur for ten years to compute royalties and lease rentals. To stay current and simplify our internal processes we are now using the Excalibur Online service. We expect this to save costs on future IT infrastructure and support.’ More from P2 Energy Solutions.

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