Yokogawa OTS for Skangass LNG, Exapilot for PTT Thailand

LNG plant gets OmegaLand simulator. Operational efficiency improved at Khanom gas plant.

Skangass , a joint venture between Lyse AS and Celcius Invest has commissioned Yokogawa to supply an operator training system (OTS) for its Risavika LNG Plant in Tananger, Norway. The OTS comprises an OmegaLand simulation engine and a safety and automation system made up of the Centum VP integrated production control system and the ProSafe-RS safety instrumented system. The OTS uses the same systems as the actual plant, with identical graphics and alarm behavior. A ‘high fidelity’ model of the liquefaction process allows plant upsets and equipment malfunctions to be simulated offline. John van der Geer, Manager of Yokogawa’s Norwegian operations said, ‘Since we already supplied the SAS and instrumentation, now with the OTS, the LNG plant will use nearly all Yokogawa products.’

In a separate announcement, Yokagawa reports the successful deployment of its ‘Exapilot’ operational efficiency improvement package at the Khanom gas separation facility operated by PTT Thailand. PTT used Exapilot to improve safety during plant shutdown/start-up and also during normal operations. Exapilot has reduced operator workloads by 40% and protect pumps by eliminating unnecessary activity. PTT’s Kanit Pattarakup said, ‘Exapilot is really easy to use and has greatly improved production. This is a real solution package and a good tool for the plan-do-check-act cycle for operational excellence in the plant.’ More from Yokogawa.

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