ASCI gets global inventory management contract from ConocoPhillips

Inventory ‘right sizing’ leverages optimization technology from Oniqua.

ConocoPhillips has acquired a license to the Oniqua Analytics Suite (OAS) inventory management software from Advanced Supply Chain International (ASCI) unit Asset Management Services. The global deal was struck following trials at three of ConocoPhillips’ largest upstream sites in Alaska, Indonesia, and the North Sea where the software is claimed to have provided an ROI ‘exceeding 400%.’

OAS Inventory was developed by Australian-based Oniqua Enterprise Analytics for asset-intensive industries such as oil and gas. ASCI will install OAS at 25 ConocoPhillips production and refining facilities worldwide.

Mike Schwarz, VP of Business Development at ASCI said, ‘The challenge for asset-intensive corporations is to maximize their return on heavy plant and ongoing operation investments. This means operating and maintaining complex and diverse equipment in difficult operating conditions. OAS helps here by increasing service levels, reducing downtime – and by optimizing inventory investment.’

The optimization algorithm ‘has demonstrated proven inventory reduction results of 15-25%.’ ASCI is the main North American distributor for Oniqua products in North America and will be responsible for customization of the software at individual ConocoPhillips locations. More from

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