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UK DECC, FoxOpen, International Energy Agency, JODI, W3C product modeling, RDB2RDF...

The UK Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) has released its portal technology as open source software. FoxOpen was originally developed by the DECC’s Oil and Gas unit for interaction between the regulator and North Sea operators. The portal handles DECC’s applications and consents systems that require detailed tracking and collaboration.

FoxOpen provides a middle tier Java layer which supports the development of simple or complex forms and their deployment to the web. The Java layer allows the definition of modules using XML ‘metacode,’ to achieve 4GL functionality, using middle tier in-memory XPATH and back-end XML database features. The middle tier Java layer delivers simple HTML and JavaScript to the browser. DECC has made FoxOpen open source in line with the UK government policy and with EU open source directives. More from


Mieke Reece (International Energy Agency) provided an update of the Joint Oil Data Initiative (JODI) at the NDR9 meet in New Delhi this month. JODI is an international initiative that sets out to improve oil data transparency and harmonization. JODI collates data via an oil supply questionnaire from more than 90 participating countries. The World Database will soon be extending to other fuels including natural gas and annual data on production capacity and investment plans. More from


The W3C’s Product Modeling Incubator Group has published its final report on the role and scope of product data and initial work on quantities, units, and scales and product ‘structure.’ The POSC Caesar Association contributed to the development of web ontologies derived from international standards, such as STEP and ISO 15926. More from W3C.


The W3C also announced the formation of a RDB2RDF Working Group to standardize mapping relational data into RDF and OWL. The outcome will be an RDB2RDF Mapping Language, ‘R2RML.’ More from W3C.

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