National Oilwell Varco, Schlumberger team on IntelliServ

New joint venture to develop real-time applications for ‘open access’ broadband network.

Schlumberger has teamed with National Oilwell Varco (NOV) on a joint venture centered on the ‘IntelliServ’ wired drill pipe to promote uptake of high speed drill string telemetry. While not exactly Ethernet, IntelliServ offers modem like speeds of 57kbps – some 20,000 times faster than conventional mud pulse telemetry. The JV is expected to accelerate ‘intelligent’ drilling solutions leveraging the patented ‘Broadband Network’ technology. IntelliServ also will provide along-string evaluation services that will enable real-time monitoring of drill string conditions, and an unlimited ability to actuate downhole tools on-demand.

NOV holds 55% of the joint venture and provides manufacturing, technical and operational support. Schlumberger, with 45%, brings evaluation and measurement expertise to the table and is to development new drilling-related systems leveraging the technology. The JV is to keep IntelliServ’s ‘open access’ architecture and plans to be the ‘industry standard’ for all high bandwidth drilling operations. At the 2007 SPE ATCE, StatoilHydro’s Henrik Wolter described the technology as a ‘no brainer’ for offshore geosteering and managed pressure drilling (TW0715). More from

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