Invensys’ EyeSim VR targets newbie training

Stereoscopic headsets give trainees immersive environment powered by ‘first principle’ simulators.

Invensys’ Operations Management unit has announced the commercial release of its ‘EyeSim’ virtual reality (VR) based simulator offering immersive 3-D interaction with process and facility models. EyeSim leverages ‘first-principle’ simulation and augmented reality to let engineers and operators see and safely interact with the facility that they control. EyeSim employs a gaming paradigm that Invensys believes will be familiar to younger employees and trainees.

EyeSim combines VR, process control simulation, computer-based maintenance and documentation management and other applications to provide a highly realistic and safe training environment for improving operating efficiency and skills. Simulations are driven by the company’s DynSim process simulator and other control system emulation packages.

Invensys VP Tobias Scheele said, ‘The increasing complexity of plants, combined with a changing workforce, demands next-generation tools that can safely and interactively train new operators and engineers without putting them, the community or the environment at risk. This system provides a stable, realistic environment for practicing routine operational and maintenance functions, as well as rarely performed volatile tasks such as plant shutdowns. In addition, using computer models of real equipment allows endless experimentation without taking equipment off line, mitigating risk to production as well.’

Using a stereoscopic headset, trainees enter a completely immersive environment in which they can move throughout the plant. EyeSim targets inter alia the energy, chemical and oil and gas verticals facing knowledge management, training and retention challenges brought on by an aging and dwindling industry workforce. More from

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