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Kelman Technologies has announced ‘i-Glass,’ a new seismic data management solution that offers clients a secure web portal for management of their upstream data.

ISS Group is working on a new real time data historian for oil and gas and other process industries. BabelFish ‘Capture’ is currently under development as is another new tool, ‘Sentinel,’ an event detection and alarm workflow subsystem.

Emerson Process Management unit Roxar has released EnAble 2.3, its statistical reservoir history matching tool. The new release has simplified workflows, added new diagnostic capabilities and an ‘Estimator Analyzer’ for quick ‘what-if’ experiments. New simulator interfaces include FrontSim, Nexus, PBRS and Acres. EnAble 2.3 can read Tempest and Eclipse binaries and leverage Eclipse multiple realization license.

Release 7.2 of CygNet Software’s enterprise operations platform integrates ESRI’s ArcGIS toolset to consolidate GIS-based asset management, SCADA data, and information from core business applications. Other enhancements include historical data management, new charting and trending tools and gas measurement repository replication. CygNet also announced the launch of the online CygNet User Group (CUG) Forum.

The 7.1 release of EnergyNavigator’s AFE Navigator adds intra-application messaging, an API for developers and usability enhancements such as a ‘call out’ to another system for AFE Numbering. A new database schema (V16) improves data integrity.

Enigma Data has announced SmartMove 2.4.2 with a new command line interface for kicking off ‘pre configured’ jobs and support for Microsoft Windows 2008 Server symbolic links. Enigma believes that early symbolic link support will let users plan for future deployment of the technology. The company is also embarking on a major redevelopment of the SmartMove product, integrating its ‘tiered’ management with its PARS archiving product line.

Fugro-Jason has announced PowerLog 3.1, the latest version of its petrophysical interpretation package. The 3.1 release sees the introduction of a new module for thin bed analysis leveraging Baker Hughes’ 3D Explorer multi-component induction tool.

Earthworks has released V2.0 of its MPSI stochastic seismic inversion technology, developed in partnership with ARK CLS. Available as an OpendTect plug in, MPSI. enables investigation of geobody connectivity across multiple realizations, generating reservoir volume estimates constrained by well and seismic data.

PAS has announced ‘Integrity,’ software to ‘map the automation genome.’ Integrity provides a ‘universal framework’ for the aggregation, contextualization, and simplification of data across an entire automation and production management system. The software interfaces with data from distributed control systems, programmable logic controllers, safety systems and SCADA—adding ‘advanced’ knowledge capture and search. Integrity targets, inter alia, the operational effectiveness of oil and gas, petroleum refining and chemical plants.

Matrikon has announced ‘Excel Reporter,’ that connects to any real-time or historical data source via OPC, providing instant access to process and equipment data from Microsoft Excel.

VR specialist Octaga has announced support for real-time data streams in its 3D plant and facility models. External sensor equipment such as GPS receivers from moving assets or sensor data from alarms, valves or pipes can be incorporated. The moves sees Octaga’s entry into the ‘Integrated Operations’ arena and was prototyped for ABB for monitoring moving cranes onboard ships.

WellPoint Systems has released V5.0 of its ‘Ideas’ oil and gas accounting package. New features improve compliance with local accounting and reporting requirements while still meeting ‘home country’ financial reporting standards. Ideas has been upgraded to Visual Basic 6 (!) and system reports to Crystal Reports XI, including a data navigator and additional export options. An Authorization for Expenditure (AFE) module provides for project management, commitment tracking, AFE approvals, time writing and AFE reporting. Ideas is currently deployed at over 200 sites in more than 60 countries.

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