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New releases from, Quorum, Invensys, dGB, Calsep, Blue Marble, Coade, Oildex, SPT, P2ES and Meridium.

Quorum Business Solutions has announced the release of Quorum TIPS Gathering (QTG). QTG supports the whole business process, from gathering gas at the wellhead, through the complete processing cycle. Quorum’s TIPS flagship software is installed at over 350 plants in North America and accounts for 80% of the gas processed and settled in the US. QTG manages nominations, scheduling, imbalance and invoicing as well as allocating and settling.

Invensys Process Systems has released a new version of its SimSci-Esscor unit’s InPlant simulator for multiphase flow. InPlant V4.1 incorporates the new SIM4ME Portal that exposes InPlant through a Microsoft Excel interface. SIM4ME provides a bidirectional link InPlant, PipePhase PRO/II simulators and Excel allowing developers to create an Excel spreadsheet that is ‘InPlant aware.’ Users can drag and drop multiphase flow model parameters, such as relief valve discharge coefficients and pipe diameters directly into Excel spreadsheets.

de Groot-Bril (dGB) is to add an open source mapping component to its OpendTect package. OpendTect is now available with an embedded mapping functionality using the Generic Mapping Tools (GMT) package from the University of Hawaii.

Calsep has released the first module of its ‘Flowasta’ fully compositional flow assurance simulator for the design and operation of pipelines with possible solids precipitation and deposition. The first Flowasta module simulates hydrate growth oil and gas pipelines. The next module to be released will be an upgraded version of the ‘Depowax’ wax deposition module.

Blue Marble’s new ‘Geospatial Desktop’ bundles the latest version of its Geographic Transformer and Calculator. The Desktop is driven by ‘GeoCalcXML’ said to be largest coordinate conversion library available and offers tools to streamline data transformation and assure accuracy and data quality. An audit trail function tracks edits to the geodetic parameter data source.

Coade has released CADWorx Plant Design Suite 2009 (CWPD) for process plant design with performance-enhancing features for the AutoCAD-based plant designer. CWPD provides ‘intelligent’ drawing to database connectivity, design automation. CWPD provides ‘true’ bi-directional links between CAD and engineering analysis tools, linking CADWorx with COADE’s pipe and pressure vessel design tools.

Oildex has announced Spendworks 3 with enhancements to its ePayable platform for energy companies. Spendworks 3 provides ‘one-click’ access to invoice processing tools and access to business intelligence. TransZap’s Oildex e-commerce exchange serves over 4,200 companies and 44,000 users. See our interview with Oildex CEO Peter Flanagan in the February 2006 issue of Oil IT Journal.

Scandpower Petroleum Technology (SPT Group) has released V6.0 of its Olga flow simulator. The new Olga RocX module allows for dynamic interaction between the near-wellbore and the well to be included in the simulation.

P2 Energy Solutions (P2ES) has released Enterprise Land Lease Acquisition V 1.0, a new data capture and reporting package for lease, mineral and surface ownership information based on legal land descriptions. The broker management system is said to focus on managing field operations from a company’s perspective. Brokers connect to the centralized database over a secure connection and input data in a standard format. Information is immediately available to land managers.

Meridium has announced ProAct logic tree knowledge management templates, a new functionality in its Asset Performance Management (APM) suite. The templates were developed by Reliability Center, a Meridium integration partner and are now available for root cause analysis. The templates reflect experience garnered from some 800 field investigations that have been reviewed and compiled into a single RCA knowledge base. Meridium clients include Chevron, Marathon Oil and Xcel Energy.

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