DNV leads $16 million technology charge to ‘high north’

Norwegian ‘integrated operations’ project extends scope to automated production from arctic waters.

Det Norske Veritas (DNV) is to head-up an ambitious automation project for ‘next generation’ capability for oil and gas production from Norway’s high North exploration frontier. Integrated operations in the high north (IOHN) is a collaboration between Norwegian IT contractors, the defense and oil and gas sectors. IOHN is to develop a digital platform for ‘safe and sustainable’ operations in remote, vulnerable and hazardous areas.

Automation is at the heart of the IOHN which is based on the premise that ‘human and organizational’ aspects pose a great challenge to integrated operations. Other challenges include information quality and the poor integration capabilities of both software and business processes.

Thore Langeland, manager of Integrated Operations at the Norwegian Oil Industry Association (OLF) said, ‘Integrated operations are a key element in the future of the oil and gas industry. New technology and new work processes will lead to safer, faster and better decisions. There is potential for considerable value creation and opportunities in new prospective areas.’

The project’s main deliverable is a ‘robust digital infrastructure’ for information exchange. Other components include remote and distributed control of assets and ‘heavily instrumented’ facilities. Pilots include unmanned drilling rigs, HSE in the Arctic regions, sub-ice operations and support for sensor data, information validation and web services. The project will extend and improve the quality of the ISO 15926 based oil and gas ontology and develop an information validation methodology.

The four-year, 90 million NOK ($16 million) program is supported by OLF, the Business Association of Norwegian knowledge- and technology-based enterprises (Abelia), and the Norwegian Defense and Security Industries Association (FSi). Financing is to come from the partners and the Research Council of Norway.

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