AspenOne V7—ISO 15926 compliance and patented data model

AspenTech extends process control engineering software with standards-based design tools.

The new V7 release of AspenTech’s AspenOne marks a significant development for the developer of process control and engineering software. AspenTech is offering ‘best practices’ developed in collaboration with flagship clients like BP, Flour Corp. and Technip, that cross the silo barrier that previously separated the electronics and digital process control system design from the construction engineering phase. The change has been enabled by the development of a construction-friendly engineering data model embedding the ISO 15926 standard. A patented master data model enables owner-operators manage assets across the entire lifecycle—from design through operations—and an ISO 15926-compliant, vendor-neutral interface links basic to detailed engineering. What is claimed as ‘the most comprehensive physical property database’ has been developed in collaboration with the National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST) to support complex process modeling and optimization.

FIATECH standards body director Ric Jackson commented, ‘We are pleased to see a major vendor of tools for conceptual and basic design embrace ISO 15926. Now automated design and operation of process facilities can be extended back into the early stages of the asset lifecycle for the first time.’

Jerry Gipson, Director of Engineering Solutions, Dow Chemical added, ‘The integration of process simulation with model-based economic analysis and equipment design improves our engineering efficiency, and reduces the potential for error in data transfer.’

Finally, Ashish Shah, Project Automation Director with Fluor Corp. said, ‘The ability to collaborate with licensors, owner-operators and subcontractors through data exchange is an important element to executing projects globally.’

‘AspenTech is on the right track with aspenONE V7 in adding important usability and functionality to help project teams be more productive. Aspen Basic Engineering, formerly known as Aspen Zyqad, is a global reference software at Fluor.’

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