Red Hen Systems’ MediaMapper for ACT’s corridor mappinng

Data from Aerial Coalition Technologies’ airborne sensors and cameras captured in GPS-aware system.

Wyoming-based Aerial Coalition Technologies (ACT) has boosted its airborne corridor mapping capabilities with the acquisition of a FLIR U8000e GasFind infra red camera coupled to Red Hen Systems’ (RHS) GPS-aware recording system and MediaMapper Server (MMS). ACT provides turnkey services for disaster response and pipeline right of way inspection and leak detection. Deliverables include geo-referenced video, audio and high resolution still imagery—all stored on the RHS MediaMapper Server.

MediaMapper Server integrates geospatial multimedia libraries and relational data to be served through ESRI GIS products—making it available throughout the enterprise and over the internet. According to RHS, the enterprise access model provides a more scalable solution to multimedia distribution than desktop solutions and ensures that information stays current.

The intuitive connection between map features and site-specific multimedia aids in route discovery, reconnaissance, asset condition assement and coordination of response efforts. When required, GPS tagged photos can be emailed in from the field for instant update using Red Hen’s ‘Blue2CAN’ geo-tagging digital still camera. Blue2CAN embeds location information into digital photos’ EXIF tags and provides a Bluetooth link from camera to GPS, laptop or cell phone. An API is available for custom applications. RHS systems are in use at BP Pipelines and Duke Energy for gas leak detection.

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